2018 annual and sustainable performance report

Human Capital



Arkema is a fast-growing, innovative company offering great career opportunities in positions of responsibility. To boost our visibility and attract applicants from a variety of backgrounds, especially women, we kicked off a new employer branding campaign in 2018, along with a sponsorship contract with FIFA for the Women’s World Cup France 2019™. We also implement internal programs and training to develop each and every one of our employees.

200 That’s the number of different job descriptions Arkema offers in our main fields,  including production, R&D, business, marketing, sales, finance and the supply chain. Global in scope, we hire between 1,600 and 1,700 entry-level or experienced people a year 450 in France looking for demanding, stimulating responsibilities.

Arkema’s New Employer Brand: Go Beyond Your Discoveries

Their names are Julie, marketing analyst, Régis, business manager, Tom, financial analyst, Aude, industrial project manager, Pierre, process engineer, and Lise, R&D engineer. Arkema’s new employer branding campaign explores their rich, interesting careers and job responsibilities. You’ll never look at Arkema the same way again.

"It’s an innovative company, doing well and offering attractive compensation. The people I’ve met seem like real go-getters. I very much enjoyed our talks. But do I really belong in the chemical industry?” Ouafa Souli is familiar with reservations like this, coming from female job candidates in particular. An Arkema recruiter, she then has to explain, reassure and dispel stubborn misconceptions. “I tell them all that they can absolutely thrive in our field and have exciting careers at Arkema, without necessarily being chemists or having pictured themselves working in the industry. We notice too that our new hires are often surprised at the level of responsibility and empowerment they’re quickly given at Arkema,” notes the recruiter.


“We employ women and men in a wide range of fields, including business and sales, finance, financial control, logistics, support functions, human resources and marketing. And there are lots of bridges from one to another. That’s what we mean by ‘Go Beyond Your Discoveries’ (see opposite), the slogan for our new employer branding campaign featuring employees, already launched in France and Europe and gradually being deployed in Asia and the United States. Don’t let conventional wisdom hold you back. A classic example is the financial professional who thinks of banking first and puts industry lower on the list. Yet they should think again, because they’ll never find the diversity of  responsibilities and cross-professional contacts in banking that Arkema offers. It can make their work even more rewarding and open up their horizons in the wider world.” Marine Petit, also a recruiter, recites her logic regularly at business schools. When she meets students, she takes the time to overcome preconceptions. Her efforts pay off: hundreds of applicants from non-science majors hear the siren call of Arkema each year.