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On the road with Arkema


The automotive market is changing rapidly as it faces challenges in weight reduction, recyclability, electronics and electrification. It is calling on our expertise in polymers, paints, additives and adhesives.


Bostik SMP windshield caulks offer great flexibility, sealing and UV resistance. They contain neither solvents nor isocyanates, and can glue metal, aluminum and glass.


Low rolling-resistance tires or “green tires” are growing in popularity. They help to cut fuel consumption by around 30% by reducing the energy required to overcome their inertia. This technology consists in adding a large amount of silica to the rubber of the band in contact with the road. The agent Ekaland DPG ensures that the silica is completely miscible in the rubber, preventing degradation of the tire’s quality (heating or dispersion of particles).


Altuglas® acrylic resin is used for dashboard displays because of its exceptional transparency and scratch resistance.

Third-generation Forane® refrigerant gases (HFCs, or hydrofluorocarbons), which respect the ozone layer and are non-flammable, are used in air-conditioning systems. The next generation – HFOs, or hydrofluoro olefins – are in the development pipeline and will have low global warming potential.


Rilsan® bio-based polyamide (derived from ricin) is tough, chemically resistant and heat-resistant, allowing it to be used to protect metal hoses or even replace them, e.g. fuel lines from tank to engine. It is three to nine times lighter than aluminum and brass, offering real reductions in weight – and production cost. Rilperm® is a unique technology for multilayer hoses that can meet the most extreme requirements by giving hoses such properties as low permeability or a low level of extractable content.

With exceptional chemical resistance to high temperatures, Rilsan® HT polyamide is used to manufacture lay-flat and rigid pipes as a replacement for many parts made of steel or rubber, which are two to three times heavier.

Orgalloy® polyamide alloys are used to manufacture the protective layer inside air conditioning pipes, among other things. They offer excellent adherence and exceptional resistance to fluids (refrigerants used in air-conditioning systems, oils, etc.).

Kynar® Flex PVDF is used to manufacture cables that are highly resistant to oil and fuel in the engine.


Altuglas® ShieldUp reinforced acrylic glass, used for manufacturing sunroofs, is ultra-tough, more transparent than glass and twice as light.


Bostik SAF® methacrylate structural adhesives can be used to assemble parts of the bodywork, as well as glass, plastic and rubber. These products are exceptionally tough; they are used in place of heavier weldings and riveting.


Encor®, Synaqua®, Synocure® and Synolac® resins for bodywork paint add shine, scratch resistance and weather resistance. Dianol® anti-corrosion additive improves adhesion properties and makes the paint even more durable and resistant to high temperatures, scratches and gravel impact.


Altuglas® acrylic resin allows automakers to produce tail lights in a wide range of reds and oranges that let through 98% of light. This recyclable plastic is also highly scratch-resistant.


Elium® thermoplastic resin is used to make recyclable composites for external panels and semi-structural parts. The resulting thermoformable parts are lighter than those made of metal.


Kynar® PVDF is used in lithium-ion batteries because of its remarkable electrochemical resistance to the electrolyte, the liquid the ions pass through. It is the substance that makes the active particles adhere to the electrodes, and plays a large role in the batteries’ durability.


Adiansol® polyol additives are used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam for seats and steering wheel. They improve rigidity and speed up hardening of the foam.

Encor® finishing resin is used on interior leather trim in the cabin and on seats, for a soft feel and resistance to wet and dry abrasion.

Bostik hot-melt adhesives are used to assemble leather, textiles and fabrics for the dashboard, seats, door panels and roof trim. They improve soundproofing and reduce vibration. Platamid® hot-melt adhesive is a recyclable, bio-based version produced from castor oil.