Innovative - 2019 Annual and Sustainable Performance Report

8. Health and safety gaming!

Innovative for Technologies

8. Health and safety gaming!


Health and safety training in the form of a video game… this is the project that took place at Arkema’s Mont plant (France), where around 100 employees donned 3D headsets to test this new training method. “The idea is to ask how best to go about a specific task while ensuring safety for yourself and the facilities,” says Pierre Montagnon, Health & Safety Director, Europe. “We put everyone into a virtual world that is just like the real one, but without the risk. The act of taking part helps people remember the training. Neuroscience has taught us that our brain can retain 80% of a message in a participatory virtual/augmented reality setting compared with 10% in a traditional setting, such as a Powerpoint presentation with passive participants.”


A new high-tech center has been created in Pierre-Bénite, France, as a result of the collaborative efforts of the Cetia teams, to provide an incubator for Arkema’s digital manufacturing projects. “This new center will be called Agora. It will have a space for operating and demonstrating new digital technologies (remote assistance, virtual reality, analytics, etc.) and a space dedicated to stimulating creativity and collaborative approaches focused on practices,” explains Laurent Baseilhac. Arkema will be the first chemicals company in Europe to have a 3D immersive wall display powered by LED technology. Other collaborative and immersive centers should follow, in Asia and the United States.


A Digital Champions Network has been put in place in collaboration with the Arkema HR departments. Led by Philippe Kemikian, it brings together manufacturing managers who have all been specially trained in the “digital mindset” to pave the way for digital transformation. This is the jewel in the crown of Arkema’s digital ecosystem. Through its members, the network reinforces the effects of the transformation process. It is a brilliant way of encouraging fresh approaches!