Innovative - 2019 Annual and Sustainable Performance Report

10. Retail electronics

Innovative for Technologies

10. Retail electronics

Advanced adhesives based on Sartomer® resins, Rilsan® Clear polyamide shells and frames, Lithium-ion batteries boosted by Kynar® PVDF, Protective varnish based on Sartomer® resins



Our R&D department is constantly developing new materials to optimize the durability and operation of mobile devices.

Sartomer resins for brighter screens!

We need optimal light diffusion from a screen to provide the clearest, most colorful image possible. The acrylate resins from Sartomer play a significant role in this. They are used to manufacture high-tech adhesives for the different layers that make up touch screens on smartphones and tablets, and offer key benefits including durability, complete transparency and protection against yellowing. They can also be found in protective varnishes on the shells of these devices thanks to their scratch- and abrasion-resistant qualities. What makes these resins special is that they harden instantly under UV-LED light, with no solvent emissions. Sartomer is constantly adapting its offering to the needs of this rapidly expanding market, in which products are replaced every two or three years.

Lightness and longevity with technical polymers

In the smartphone segment, leading phone brands have already opted for Rilsan® Clear polyamide. It is one of the few materials to combine chemical and impact resistance with thinness, lightness, a soft feel and a glossy finish. Lighter than polycarbonate and aluminum, which are commonly used, manufacturers have adopted Rilsan® Clear to design particularly robust, shaped shells and frames.

Another field of excellence for Arkema is lithium-ion batteries. When such batteries are subjected to temperature variations and repeated charge/discharge cycles, they lose adhesion between the active particles and the electrodes, causing reduced battery capacity and even failure. To solve this problem, battery manufacturers use Kynar® PVDF to bind active particles to electrodes. Its adhesive properties and exceptional resistance to electrolyte corrosion help to extend battery capacity and lifetime. It is also used as a separator coating between the two electrodes, which improves battery longevity. Thanks to Arkema’s essential products, mobiles enjoy longer lives!


In 2019, while sales of smartphones fell slightly, around 1.4 billion phones were on the market. Sales of tablets, with 144 million units, rose by 14.3% compared with 2018.