Innovative - 2019 Annual and Sustainable Performance Report

12. 3D Printing

Innovative for Technologies

12. 3D Printing


Arkema is democratizing 3D printing for mass manufacturing

Industry’s switch from traditional manufacturing to 3D printing opens unprecedented possibilities for the design of complex parts and productivity gains. This is a technological breakthrough in which Arkema is playing a leading role.

With long-standing expertise in the main technologies of additive manufacturing, Arkema is the only chemicals producer in the world with a complete portfolio of materials for 3D printing – polyamides, PEKK, specialty UV curable resins – that are suitable for the principal printing techniques. In filament, liquid or powder form, these materials have applications in all sectors: consumer goods (sports articles, eyewear), dentistry (dental models, mouth guards), electronics, and the automotive and aerospace sectors. Rilsan®, the bio-based polyamide 11, is the reference for series production due to its unequal mechanical properties. Arkema is the leading global manufacturer of the “ultimate polymer” PEKK Kepstan®, which is light, rigid and incomparably resilient. Keptstan® material is especially well suited to the manufacturing of additives for small and medium series of complex parts, traditionally made of metal for most demanding applications. Sartomer’s N3xtDimension® liquid photocure resins allow an exceptional level of property customization in order to meet the precise needs of end applications. As mechanical qualities are improving all the time, these resins can take 3D from the prototyping stage to series manufacture.


Arkema’s market share as a supplier of materials used in additive manufacturing.