Innovative - 2019 Annual and Sustainable Performance Report

Talent : Welcome!

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Talent : Welcome!



Arkema focuses on talent diversity. The Group is becoming more attractive by supporting career development and promoting all types of roles.

Attracting a diversity of talents is essential to Arkema’s success. “In addition to ensuring our workforce is regularly infused with fresh talent, we make sure we support the development of our future experts and leaders who will help us continue to build the Group of tomorrow,” says Dominique Massoni, Vice President, Human Resources and Internal Communication Development. Arkema is tackling this by recruiting 1,600 talented individuals around the world every year! These newcomers come from different origins and backgrounds, from those starting out in their careers to others with more experience and expertise. Arkema offers them a choice of more than 200 roles in production, procedures, R&D, logistics, finance, marketing and human resources.


The choice of roles is particularly adaptable as the Group is creating connections between different areas of activity. “Your future belongs to you. We help you explore it.” Sums up a talent manager who is keen to provide applicants with the information and resources they need to develop their skills. To this end, Arkema is making good use of the best digital channels to promote its career opportunities in real time. The Group also offers different forms of support around the world. For example, the Careers Institute is an internal platform, launched in 2019, which provides access to training programs geared to our different careers, like the “Sales Academy” and “Supply Chain Academy”. Importantly, this platform anticipates how employees will evolve with the digital transformation (see p.56 to 63). Also created in 2019, the Leadership Institute, in partnership with the French schools INSEAD and HEC and Cornell University in the United States, provides courses for tomorrow’s leaders and directors at an international level. Arkema also offers the Managing in Diversity program, which encourages managers to consider bias in perception and selection, and to widen their selection and increase the diversity of applicants’ backgrounds through dialogue. “You don’t get locked into a career track at Arkema. Many opportunities are open to employees who are prepared to take on challenges,” asserts Dominique Massoni. “Arkema also represents a certain attitude. Everyone has their place here, even at the start of their career. This is often mentioned by junior staff who join us. They say they quickly gain their independence and enjoy a fulfilling experience. They emphasize the culture of sharing skills, which is consistent with the values of responsibility and solidarity that we foster.”


The proportion of non-French nationals among Arkema’s senior management worldwide in 2019. Our aim is to achieve 42-45% by 2025 through diversity recruitment and internal promotion.

An international mentoring scheme was conceived in 2019 and launched in 2020 to identify talents around the world and coach them internally.


“Would I advise someone to join Arkema?” French employees were asked this question as part of an internal survey carried out in Europe in 2019. Most people said yes. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), which indicates the proportion of employees prepared to recommend the Group, stands at 20. This is an excellent result compared to similar surveys carried out in other companies. The media and social networks confirm this positive mood. For example, in Capital Magazine’s annual ranking of the 500 best employers in France, Arkema is among the top 20 and is in first place in the “chemicals and energy” industries. This feedback was also confirmed by the 2019 Happy Trainees survey, an annual report, eagerly anticipated by hundreds of thousands of would-be interns, which identifies the “most intern- and trainee-friendly companies”. Last year, Arkema enjoyed a recommendation rate of 94%!


In France, the United States and China, Arkema welcomes hundreds of interns, student trainees, PhD students, and international volunteers from all educational backgrounds and sectors. For example, the Group offers doctoral researchers a chance to work on their thesis in various fields such as polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, and humanities, through partnerships with higher education.