Innovative - 2019 Annual and Sustainable Performance Report


Innovate: Why? With whom? Environmental and societal issues are increasingly pressing, and we – consumers, manufacturers, governments – must all redefine our priorities and lifestyles, as well as our production and governance methods.

INCREASING URBANIZATION is further accentuating the need for these changes.

VITAL RESOURCES are being overexploited, from carbon energies to water, and are becoming dangerously scarce.

CLIMATE CHANGE is disrupting the balance of regional relations and requires optimal and urgent solutions. New ways of working and industrial performance now rely on TECHNOLOGIES that need to be increasingly reliable and sustainable. In this process of urgent change, nothing can be achieved without HUMAN PROGRESS.

INNOVATIVE for, our 2019 annual report reflects our determination to ensure environmental, social and human issues are central to our products and activities.

Our promise is to spotlight our materials and solutions that have become part of your daily lives, and to demonstrate their value, technology and sustainability.