3D printing Arkema - Rilsan



Rilsan® Invent Natural and Rilsan® Invent Black are both polyamide 11 fine powders, a high performance polyamide 100% sourced from a renewable raw material. They have been specifically developed for 3D printing, with good control of particle size and thermal properties, providing a very good processability in LS machines. Parts made from Rilsan® polyamide powders display superior mechanical properties and weight saving compared to polyamide 12, with outstanding impact resistance, and higher ductility and elasticity. Combined with its low refreshing factor (typically 50% of part cake), Rilsan® polyamide11 is the material of choice to design and manufacture final production parts by additive manufacturing. You can find parts is today’s cars, trucks, planes and medical devices. Rilsan® polyamide11 is now chosen by more and more companies for additive manufacturing projects thanks to its unparalleled mechanical strength and durability.

Key Attributes
  • Black or Nat
  • Polyamide 11 - 100% bio-based – not just castor… sustainable castor. This thermoplastic is recyclable, with a low life cycle assessment
  • Excellent powder bed fusion processing characteristics
  • Impact resistant
  • Excellent elasticity and ductility
  • Meets USP Class VI requirements
  • Matte finish (mass coloration for black)